About me

I’ve always been drawn to everything that transcends this reality. I embarked on a long journey when I began my research, starting out by delving into Buddhism, which taught me introspection through meditation and about encountering your own true Essence (which Buddhists call Buddha-nature). Next, being an unfailingly “curious” person by nature, I continued my research, expanding my horizons into other areas, by attending various courses over the years, including, to mention but a few… Theta Healing, Reiki (Master Reiki) Reconnection with Eric Pearl (professional practitioner), Quantum Entrainment with Frank Kinslow, Ho’opoponono with Hew Len, Matrix Energetics with Bartlett, Hypnotic Regression with Weiss, mediumism con Sue Rowland, several courses with Roy Martina, intensive transcendental meditation with Joe Dispenza, Stargate Experience (Facilitator of Stargate Meditation),many Hemi-Sync courses, Akashic Records Reading etc… My inner journey is ongoing with research and I regularly attend events and advanced seminars… Life is a wonderful gift. It is a journey to discover our true Essence…

*I’m Cinzia Maino, I’m not a doctor, nor do I claim to be a doctor in 
anyway.  Multi Dimensional Healing can’t be considered a therapy in 
the common sense of the term. For this reason you are invited to not 
reduce or discontinue medical therapies you are following. Specific 
results are not guaranteed. Under no circumstances advice on your 
physical condition, diagnosis or prescriptions of any kind are 
provided. You are always recommended to consult a qualified doctor to 
take care of your physical condition. Each person is responsible for 
himself/herself and of his/her medical care. 

about Cinzia Maino