Multi Dimensional Healing

Multi Dimensional Healing is a unique experience that allows you to achieve an optimal state of energy, physical, emotional and mental balance. The work takes place in another dimension with the presence of the Stargate (interdimensional portal) and the precious help of the guides and the Masters.
During the session I’m guided in conveying and transmitting the Energy where there is a need to bring the energy system of the person in a natural realignment, the person enters the infinite field of possibilities where, in a sacred space there is a deep rebalancing on several levels, raising the vibrational field and bringing it back to the intrinsic perfection of the natural state of Being.
Sessions can be carried out in person or at a distance: those carried out at a distance are as effective as sessions in person, and can be applied to children, animals and people unable to move.
The Multi Dimensional Healing session at a distance lasts about 30 minutes.

Multi Dimensional Healing is a unique and personal experience and we recommend a cycle of three to five sessions.
Many testimonials attest to the effectiveness of the work of Multi Dimensional Heling, many people have observed changes and benefits at multiple levels.


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