Akashic Records reading

At the time of booking I will ask you to prepare some questions.
Readings take place in an atmosphere of peace, respect, openness and deep acceptance. There is never judgment but only the unconditional love of the Masters and Guides.
The reading of the Akasha Records lasts about an hour, each reading of the Akasha Records is a unique experience.
You will be accompanied into a state of relaxation with a short guided meditation, so you will be more receptive and open in hearing the messages and energy of Love that is transmitted by the Masters.
I will then proceed with the opening of your Registries, I will begin to ask the Masters to answer your questions.
It often happens that the Masters also have other specific messages to deliver to you.
It is recommended to do the Session only with a person who has been Started at the third level or has the ability to open the other Akasha Records.
A great many testimonies testify that the people who have had the messages donated by the masters have transformed their Lives.


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