What is Reconnection?

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The underlying theory of Reconnection explains that the meridian lines of our bodies were originally connected to the axiatonal lines surrounding the planet; these lines were designed to continue outwards, joining us to a much more extensive grid that connected the human being to the entire Universe.
With the passing of time, we started to disconnect ourselves from these lines for various reasons and as a result we have lost sight of all our connections with the Universe.
Reconnection is a profound, unique experience which reconnects our system of energy lines (made up of meridians and energy centres or chakras) to the planet’s axiatonal lines.

Reconnection allows us to connect to the universal energy grid, enabling the body system to process the flow of Light, Energy and Information and making us whole again.
It releases or removes any blocks or interference that prevent us from achieving our inherent perfection. It facilitates our evolution process and has been proven to restructure our DNA.
Our energy lines are reconnected to circuits with higher frequencies which open the doors to other dimensions.

Some of the benefits reported by people who have tried Reconnection are:

– a sense of Peace
– deep relaxation
– disappearance of pain
– information on their Karma, on past lives and spiritual guides
– information about their personal life purpose
– renewed trust in themselves
– discovery of their hidden talents
– forgiveness
– experiences of profound spiritual transformation
– the push needed to take important decisions with ease

There are some who are unable to put their transformation into words, but are aware that something inside them has changed, that they have been reconnected to a more profound, vaster part of themselves. Some experience instant transformation, while others usually need a 6-12 month period of extremely fast growth that can bring about major changes.
The transformation and growth process continues to develop over time.


The Reconnection Session

Reconnection occurs in two sessions, each lasting 45 minutes, to be attended over two consecutive days or with no more than 72 hours between the two sessions.
You will be asked to lie down on a massage table, fully dressed; I will work around you, without touching you.
We recommend having one to three Reconnective Healing sessions before Reconnection, but this is not mandatory.

What clients say

Cinzia has a gift and offers it generously to others, I have had different experiences with her, Stargate meditation and Reconnective Healing, if you suspend the judgement of the conscious mind…the energy, the power of these experiences becomes something wonderful,something that brings you closer to your consciousness, your soul, and pushes you towards your evolutionary path, that all of us are called to accomplish.

Mikela T.Salò (BS)

Thank you Cinzia for this experience that for me was pleasant and above all I was able to verify the benefits in the following days.

Manuela F.Trento