What is Reconnective Healing?

reconnective healing

The Reconnective Healing process allows you to obtain an optimal state of physical, mental, emotional and spiritual balance.
During the session, interaction occurs with a comprehensive spectrum of frequencies that increase the vibrational level of the person’s energy field, thereby reconnecting them to their true Essence and Reawakening their Awareness.

It also offers the chance to Readjust their frequency to a higher level and this does not necessarily occur through conscious intention; it simply happens…
The Reconnective Healing session is a gateway to an infinite range of possibilities, and to interaction with the quantum field…
We introduce reconnective frequencies at the start of your session and these frequencies continue to work for you long after the session has ended.
Throughout my long experience, I have collected a number of testimonials, and I’ve come to understand that each person experiences something truly Unique and personal, that is just right for the person at that moment. Some report having experienced deep relaxation, others say that their pain vanished or that they were cured of physical disorders; some people claimed they saw angels or spiritual guides, that they had visions with colours, lights and sounds as they’d never experienced before.

Regardless of whether you experience these kinds of events or absolutely nothing at all during the sessions, the Reconnective Healing frequencies accomplish their objective.

Each Reconnective Healing session is unique and often a life-changing experience.

Reconnective Healing Session

You will be asked to lie down on a massage table, fully dressed; I will work around you, without touching you.
During the session you may feel a profound sense of Peace and Relaxation and you could perceive various physical sensations, as the energy acts on different levels of the Being.

Distance Reconnective Healing

Distance Reconnective Healing sessions are just as effective as those performed in person.
Distance does not affect, nor does it reduce the effects of Reconnective Healing.
It can be used on children, animals and people with reduced mobility.
Each session lasts around thirty minutes and we usually recommend one to three sessions.

What clients say

Thanks Cinzia, heart and professionalism united together to bring well-being and awareness in the lives of those who must take the next step.

Viviana M.Brescia

I have cancelled all my thoughts, an unforgettable experience.


Good morning everybody, I’m experimenting with Cinzia Maino some distance sessions of Reconnective Healing with extraordinary results. At the end of each session I feel reborn, in peace with myself and with the whole world. It is as if I was reborn every time, the world around is wonderful and everything is perfect as it is. Thank you very much for your helpfulness, professionality, love and deepness, with love and respect.

Claudia G. Brescia

Cinzia has a gift and offers it generously to others, I have had different experiences with her, Stargate meditation and Reconnective Healing, if you suspend the judgement of the conscious mind…the energy, the power of these experiences becomes something wonderful,something that brings you closer to your consciousness, your soul, and pushes you towards your evolutionary path, that all of us are called to accomplish.

Mikela T. Brescia